Your Purposeful Path to Financial Clarity

Tailored Financial Strategies for Retirees, Corporate Professionals, and Solo Entrepreneurs

I use a data-driven economics-based approach that allows us to create detailed models for your financial future.

Our mission is to educate and empower you to make the best long-term financial decisions for you and your family. We believe that providing you the tools to make informed decisions, you can maximize your wealth by incurring the lowest possible fees. I am strongly biased towards the low cost, tax-efficiency, and simplicity of passive index funds. If you are looking for a stock-picker or someone to just focus on investment advice, I’m not your guy.

What makes Blue Coast different?

Flat-Fee Planning

100% flat-fee financial planning means you pay one set fee for financial advice and services.


You've DIYed your finances and gained a lot of experience. I help you see what you don't know. I don't take control of assets. I don't move your money around. You pay me for my advice. Control is yours.


Obligated to act in your best interest.


No commissions or referral fees … EVER


Whether you’re curious about our plans, what we do, or a consultation, we’re here to answer any questions.



Maple Glen, PA